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It's been a pleasure to work with some of the finest brands, agencies and broadcast networks. Here's just a few of them:

Mc Donalds     Canadiens     Subway     Toyota     8848     Loto Quebec     Ajinomoto     Capsana     RBC     Desjardins     abc     Friskies     Le Groupe Maurice     Keurig     Le Porc du Quebec     Grands Ballet     Via Rail     York     Oppo     Yves Rocher


STARNO was honored to collaborate on some great VFX work with Groupe Maurice for TV advertisements. STARNO and Bifurk are the proud winners of an IDEA price in the 2021 Best Special Effects category, for the advertising campaign "L'ainé de Demain" - Groupe Maurice ! IDEA is one of the most prestigious advertising competition in Quebec ! Congratulations to the team ! We are very grateful ! Most recently, thanks to the help of several artificial intelligence and visual effects softwares, as well as a meticulous frame by frame digital retouching work, STARNO managed to beautifully recreate the CG aging of four comedians. In this project, close-up shots were a big challenge for STARNO. The strong lighting was not forgiving. Every wrinkle had to be precisely worked on in order to stay believable for the audience.

Groupe Maurice

CG aging on Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc

Groupe Maurice

The advertisements were part of the Bye Bye 2020

Groupe Maurice

CG aging on Karl Walcott

Groupe Maurice
Groupe Maurice

CG aging on Matthieu Proulx

Groupe Maurice Groupe Maurice Groupe Maurice Groupe Maurice Groupe Maurice Groupe Maurice


We created and animated many 3D objects for this advertising video

VFX Keurig

Full CG shot

VFX Keurig
VFX Keurig

CG Sunflower

VFX Keurig
VFX Keurig

Modeling, texturing and lighting done in a 3D software


Great green screen project with the comedian, Patrick Groulx. We did a set extension to give the background a winter look.

VFX Skip

CG snow in the background.

VFX Skip

Final image. The green screen behind his head was removed.

VFX Skip
VFX Skip

Patrick Groulx on the right

VFX Skip
VFX Skip

A winter look recreated in vfx


We provided extensive VFX on this climbing parody spot starring Antoine Bertrand. We used matte painting and compositing techniques on plates previously shooted on green screens.

VFX Chrysler VFX Chrysler VFX Chrysler VFX Chrysler


This is an hilarious TV commercial on base jumping. Our visual effects work included the creation of the sky and buildings, as well as the compositing work in Nuke.

Porc du Quebec

[AFTER] Final VFX composite

Porc du Quebec

[BEFORE] Original source with green screen

Porc du Quebec Porc du Quebec


We created Epic VFX shots on this 45 seconds TV spot on a luxury Chinese phone. The spot is a prime example of the blockbuster-quality VFX and finishing services we offer.

VFX on Everest

[AFTER] Final VFX composite walking to the summit of Everest

VFX on Everest

[BEFORE] Original source with green screen

VFX on Everest VFX on Everest VFX on Everest VFX on Everest


Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal approached us several times for many campaigns. We created digital environments and slick Visual Effects adding a magical touch to their dreamy world.

Carmina Burana Carmina Burana Carmina Burana Carmina Burana Grands Ballets Carmina Burana


STARNO created VFX for Subway Restaurants TV commercials. We are proud of our pink pig explosion and the building improvements .

Subway Subway Subway


STARNO crafted this background matte painting shot for a TV commercial of BELL starring Claude legault.

Bell Bell

NFL Sunday Night Football on NBC

Our artists created several concept art images to inspire 2 years in row the famous TV show Sunday Night Football on NBC Channel.

saturday night football saturday night football saturday night football


Here's a promotional work created to improve our realistic Real Time rendering skills.

Orange Orange


Working on the Visual Effects of this spot was a blast. We focused on matte painting and compositing work such as the creation of an animated crowd cheering in a stadium.

Ajinomoto Ajinomoto


How a mother would look like with the arms of a bodybuilder? This is what we see in this TV commercial of CAPSANA in which we helped our friend from Post430 to do this funny compositing work.



Shooting with a dog on set is not always easy. That's how we got into many TV commercials of FIDO, helping with our VFX touch to merge and retouch complicated shots.

Fido Fido Fido Fido


How do we fly very fast over different suburban areas for the new Desjardins advertising campain? The problem was solved by creating a whole suburban 3D asset so we can fly as our client wish.

Desjardins Desjardins


Concept art work on a full CG TV spot of Lotto Quebec.

Desjardins Desjardins




As advertising is not always something we look on TV. Here's some our latest advertisement print work.

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